Itoya Art Profolio Marker — Picture Secure Archival Pen Review

Itoya Art Profolio Marker — Picture Secure Archival Pen Review

I am a grown-up now. We currently had my share that is fair of pencil sets into the 1980’s. I’m like We have actually relocated pencils that are past my entire life.

Why a unique Pen?

I understand it may appear ridiculous with a of one to walk out your path to locate a pen that is fancy to create filename figures and captions on your own pictures with.

I am no Walter White, but if he knew the maximum amount of about picture processing chemicals while he does crystal meth, he could inform us in great medical information why it is important to select an image safe pen.

I recognize sufficient to understand i desired to get a “non-toxic” pen. You will never know just how these photo chemical substances that have been utilized to create your paper images, slides and negatives are likely to last as soon as you compose them up again in (near) airtight storage containers (photo pages, envelopes, ziplock bags etc. on them with the wrong type of ink and then close)

I am talking about, our pictures are generally wearing down fast enough by themselves!

Furthermore, you may find the type that is wrong of may seem to possess written simply fine in your pictures to start with. But, just exactly what them months later and you realize the ink continued to leach into the porous paper stock and its bled through to the front of your photo! Continue reading “Itoya Art Profolio Marker — Picture Secure Archival Pen Review”